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After 2010
SL's history from the inception to global leading company
2010 Acquires SL Seongsan
2011 Designated as World Class 300 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Certified best family friendly management (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
2012 Recognized one of top 100 companies for job creation (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Establishes SL Corporation. China
Establishes SL Poland Sp.zo.o
Wins 20 Million Export Tower Award on Trade Day (Korea International Trade Association)
2013 Wins GM Overdrive Award (Best Supplier, for the first time in Asia)
2014 Wins President's Commendation on the 13th Fair Trade Day
Celebrates its 60th anniversary and proclaims renewed SL Core Values
2015 Establishes SL Corporation Assessoria Empresari
Wins a commendation from Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea)
Wins Order of Gold Tower Industrial Service Merit for excellent labor-management culture (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
2016 Wins HKMC Supplier of the Year (in Overseas part) Award (Hyundai-Kia Motors Group)
Recognized one of top 100 companies for job creation (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Wins Grand Prize at the 16th Award Ceremony on Accounting Transparency ( Korea Accounting Association )
2017 SL Lightech and SL Seobong merged into SL Lighting
Wins 20th GM Supplier of the Year Award
Wins HKMC Best Supplier Award for Product Development (Hyundai-Kia Motors Group)
Establishes Chongqing Qinchuan Samlip
Establishes SL AP Private Limited (India)
2018 Establishes Hubei Samlip (China)
Wins 21st GM Suppler of the Year Award (Best Supplier)
Korea’s Top Job-Creating Company (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Wins The 31st IR52 Jang Young-shil Award for Aspheric Lens Using Two-Shot Injection Molding (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
SL Mirrortech, Wins 2018 Presidential Citation of Merit for Promotion of Capital Goods Industry
Wins the 2018 Presidential Award for Laborand Management Culture
2019 Wins 2018 Supplier of the Year Award by HKMC