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Quality Management Policy
SL, the company recognized world wide in motor-parts industry
SL promotes continuous improvement activities to meet customer expectations 
and requirements for quality, reliability and safety of products, to realize customer 
satisfaction and to supply products with the highest quality and safety in the 
automotive industry.
:Customer Focus,Leadership, Full Engagement, Product Safety, Management System Operation
Customer Focus
All employees shall accurately recognize responsibility for quality and product safety management activities and customer expectations/requirements, and faithfully implement them to enhance customer satisfaction.
The leadership establishes goals for customer satisfaction, actively participates in and supports planning, implementation, evaluation, and actions to achieve them by communicating with all executives and employees.
Full Engagement
All employees understand the importance of contribution and role on quality/product safety, participate in business activities, and develop their abilities to achieve their goals.
Management System Operation
The management system is established and operated through a process for the purpose of achieving goals most effectively and efficiently, thereby measuring and assessing performance to implement continuous improvement.
Product Safety
At each stage of product design, manufacture and delivery of products, active activities must be carried out to enhance consumer safety and provide products with reliability and safety.