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SL introduction
SL, the company recognized world wide in motor-parts industry
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SL offers auto parts such as auto lamp assemblies, chassis, mirror, and FEM (Front End Module) for over half a century since its inception in 1954. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2004, SL changed its company name from Samlip Industrial to SL to improve company image as a global company. While seeking to expand and reinforce its capability based on solid management of core businesses, SL is committed to endeavoring to make itself a long lived company which provides employees with vision and fulfills its corporate social responsibility in the local community.
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SL gains the customer's trust by responding to core customers' needs in a timely and closely manner and presents value defying customers' wants. SL applies Lean Six Sigma for company-wide innovation, through which it SL tries to develop innovation-oriented talents and develop learning culture as the foundation of the company.
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SL is accelerating technology exchange with advanced foreign companies and new technology development, keeping pace with the trends of next generation auto parts industry: technological advancement, sophistication, modularization and expanded application of electrical parts. It possess world-class R&D capabilities for new products and new technologies, equipped with advanced systems that cover all the phases of new program development: product design, mock-up, test, analysis, simulation, S/W development, and certification. From the mid of 1980s, SL has pushed ahead with joint ventures with foreign auto parts makers and direct export in the overseas market, creating a global network. It keeps enhancing its capabilities to compete in the global market with its footprints in the U.S. China, India and Europe serving as production and sales bases, not only with headquarters in Global.