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CEO Message
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안녕하십니까? 에스엘 회장 이충곤입니다.
Feb. 1968 Graduated from Yeonsei University, BA in Mechanical
Aug. 1970 Completed MBA at School of Business, Yeonsei University
Aug. 2002 Graduated from the 53rd AMP (Advanced Management
                              Program for CEO) at Seoul National University Business School
Feb. 2011 Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration awarded by
                              Keimyung University
Dec. 1967 Joined Samlip Industrial Co. Ltd.
Mar. 1983 President and CEO of Samlip Industrial Co. Ltd.
Mar. 1984 Director of Global Auto Industries Coop. Association (KAICA)
Apr. 1991 ~ Feb. 2013 Vice Chairman of Daegu Chamber of Commerce
                                                      & Industry
Feb. 1994 Representative of Daegu Gyeongbook Branch of Global Auto
                              Industries Coop. Association (KAICA)
Jan. 2001 Chairman and CEO of SL Corporation (current)
Jan. 2001 Chairman of Daegu Employers Federation
Dec. 2001 Chairman of Daegu Football Association
Apr. 2003 Chairman of Daegu Development Society
Jan. 2006 Chief Director of SL Seobong Foundation (current)
Feb. 2008 Chairman of Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion
                              Institute (current)
Jun. 2011 Chairman of Alumni Association of College of Engineering,
                              Yonsei University
Nov. 1983 Industry Service Medal (No. 1216)
Nov. 1993 Order of Tin Tower Industrial Service Merit (No. 1402)
Mar. 1997 Prime Minister's Commendation
                              Exemplary Taxpayer No. 81447)
Nov. 2001 President's Commendation (Person of Distinguished Services
                              to Vocational Ability Development, No. 133846)
Nov. 2004 Enterprise with Excellent Labor Relations (Designated by
                              Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Aug. 2005 Inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame
                              (Industrial Bank of Korea)
Nov. 2005 Order of Silver Tower Industrial Service Merit
                              (The 42nd Trade Day)
Feb. 2006 Achievement Award at Daegu Best Athletics Award Ceremony
Dec. 2006 Grand Prize at the 30th Proud Daegu Citizen Award Ceremony
Dec. 2007 Yonsei Engineer Award (Yonsei University)
Nov. 2011 Accreditation of Best Family Friendly Management
                              (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
Jan. 2013 Joined Honor Society of Community Chest of Korea
Apr. 2014 President’s Commendation on Fair Trade Day
                              (Fair Trade Commission)
Dec. 2015 Order of Gold Tower Industrial Service Merit for
                              contribution to labor relation (Ministry of Employment and Labor) Jan. 2016 Wins HKMC Supplier of the Year (in Overseas part) Award
                              (Hyundai-Kia Motors Group)
Mar. 2016 Recognized one of top 100 companies for job creation
                              (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Jun. 2016 Wins Grand Prize at the 16th Award Ceremony on
                              Accounting Transparency (Korea Accounting Association)
Jun. 2017 Wins HKMC Best Supplier Award for Product Development
                              (Hyundai-Kia Motors Group)
Apr. 2018 Wins 21st GM Supplier of the Year (Best Supplier)
Jun. 2018 Korea's Top job-Creating Company
                              (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Dec. 2018 2018.12 Wins the 2018 Presidential Award for Laborand
                              Management Culture
Jan. 2019 Wins 2018 Supplier of the Year Award by HKMC
                              (Hyundai-Kia Motors Group)